Roadmap to Responsibly Reopen America

+ Paul Romer

To solve both the economic crisis and the public health crisis caused by COVID-19, Marron Senior Fellow Paul Romer continues to offer potential solutions through a national testing strategy. Romer has gained traction with government officials and lawmakers and has appeared in many media outlets recently.

In addition, Romer has released a report, “Roadmap to Responsibly Reopen America,” on his website. In the executive summary, he writes:

America is confronting two crises: an economic crisis laying waste to our livelihoods and a health crisis threatening our lives. The twin crises are deeply intertwined: our economy cannot be re-opened without credibly addressing fears of infection and resurgence. The immediate reaction, a national lockdown, was successful in slowing the virus. We must now shift to a plan that balances the need to protect our health and reopen our economy by locking down only those who are infectious. This paper presents a simple, scalable, and credible solution: introduce a comprehensive “test and isolate” policy, making it safe for Americans to return to work and keeping the infection rate below 5% of the population.

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