Marron Researchers Receive

NYU 2023 Climate Change Initiative Awards


Research Professor Jodie Adams Kirshner, Director of Litmus, Angela Hawken, and Director of Health, Environment, and Policy, Kevin Cromar, have received seed funding from the NYU Climate Change Initiative, which “promotes innovative and interdisciplinary collaboration that advances our understanding of climate change and effective strategies to mitigate and adapt to its impacts. The Awards are designed to spark collaborations across schools and disciplines, and generate new research and innovations.”

  • Kirshner and Hawken: Adult Reskilling and Climate Change: Leveraging Human-Centered Narratives to Advance Economic Equity and Climate Justice
    • This initiative seeks to inform a just and equitable transition to a green economy by raising awareness of the direct experiences of workers and communities in Appalachia, including coal workers, their families, labor activists, workforce retraining experts, and clean-energy visionaries.
  • Cromar and George Thurston (Grossman School of Medicine): Engendering NYU Cross-Campus and Interdisciplinary Climate Mitigation Collaborations
    • Through a workshop following the “Climate Action and Health” conference at the NYU Abu Dhabi Institute this fall, the team will foster cross-campus collaborations for interdisciplinary, collaborative climate-action research and policy initiatives.
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