NYU Marron Digital Art Competition 2022

Strengths and Challenges of Cities the World Over

NYU Marron is excited to announce its first digital-art competition. We invite submissions from NYU students to address either a strength or a challenge of cities the world over.

Eligibility for submission:

  • NYU undergraduate and graduate students are welcome 
  • Current or former Marron student employees are ineligible

Submissions (only one submission per student permitted):

  • Must be digital
  • Must be original
  • Must have a runtime of less than 20 seconds if in video format
  • May be photograph or video of physical art (painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.)
  • May include accompanying text or audio within the digital piece (not required)
  • Must be allowed to be publicized by NYU Marron (the artist will retain ownership)


The submissions should address either a challenge or a strength of cities the world over. Challenges may include climate change, forced migration, pandemics, xenophobia, violence, poverty, inequality, corruption, repression, and terrorism. Strengths may include cities as a source or celebration of opportunity, democracy, diversity, artistic creativity, inventive spirit, commerce and exchange, global connectedness, and the public realm.


  • Submissions will be judged on their connection to the theme, design, and originality.
  • NYU Marron faculty and staff will serve as judges.


The winners will be:

  • Notified by November 8 
  • Invited to attend a Marron-hosted event on November 9 where they will receive their award and see their artwork shown to the event audience

The top three entries will receive:

  • Cash prizes: First place will receive $1,000, second place $750, and third place $500.
  • Marron Art Fellow: One of the top three winners will have the potential to become a Marron Student Art Fellow for the 2022–2023 academic school year, which will include a stipend and subsequent project work.
  • Art promotion: The artwork will be promoted on the Marron website and through the Marron newsletter and social media.


Thursday, November 3, 2022

Submission Requirements: 

  • Email submissions to marron.institute@nyu.edu.
  • Write in the subject line: “NYU Marron Digital Art Competition 2022.”
  • Attach the file of the art or provide a link.
  • In the body of the email, include the title of the piece if there is one.
  • To ensure a fair process, please do not include any additional information.

Email any questions to marron.institute@nyu.edu. We look forward to exploring great art on an important theme!

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