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Meredith Dank Publishes on Human Trafficking

in Uganda

+ Meredith Dank


Director of Human Exploitation and Resilience, Meredith Dank, published “Human Trafficking Risk Factors, Health Impacts, and Opportunities for Intervention in Uganda: A Qualitative Analysis,” in Global Health Research and Policy, with co-authors Robin E. Klabbers (University of Washington), Andrea Hughes (independent research consultant), Kelli N. O’Laughlin (University of Washington), Mutaawe Rogers (Uganda Youth Development Link), and Hanni Stoklosa (HEAL Trafficking and Brigham and Women’s Hospital). They conclude:

To address and prevent human trafficking, localized interventions are needed at all stages of the human trafficking trajectory. Health impacts of human trafficking are severe. As some of the few professionals trafficking victims interact with, police and healthcare workers are important targets for anti-trafficking training. Improved understanding of human trafficking drivers and barriers and facilitators to seeking help can inform the design of necessary interventions.

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