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Featured in NYU Brainiacs Episode


Director of Litmus, Angela Hawken, was interviewed as part of NYU’s recent Brainiacs episode, “COVID-19 Research & Response,” for Litmus’ work with ReadWorks to study how remote learning is affecting education. The findings suggest that although schools are making more use of digital-learning platforms, the number of students who log in to do assignments is going down, especially in low-income areas. Hawken explains:

There could be a lot going on there. One is the digital divide—they don’t have access to the technologies that they need to do those assignments. The other is just adult supervision. If you are in a lower-income household, you are more likely to have a parent who isn’t able to work from home. So now we can map out where the progress is happening, and there’s lots of good progress, lots of increase in digitization. But we also can map the losses, where these education deserts are emerging, where the kids are completely being left behind.

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