Litmus Creates Online Indicator Tool and Dashboard

for Data on Prison and Parole Populations


The Litmus team, including their Data for Justice Student Fellows and in partnership with the Women’s Justice Institute, has developed resources for the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) to allow the public and policymakers to interact with data on prison and parole populations. These include an online Indicator Tool and a Women’s Data Dashboard. Director of Litmus, Angela Hawken, notes:

Through our ReadyData initiative we are helping agencies take bold action in making key metrics available to the public. We look forward to supporting other agencies across the U.S. as they increase transparency and use data to continually improve. We are engaging students across NYU to amplify the impact of our projects and to provide them with rich work experiences that benefit vulnerable populations. In this case, we are especially grateful to our student researchers from NYU Center for Data Science.

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