Jodie Adams Kirshner Joins NYU Marron Institute

with Funding Support from the Kresge Foundation

We are pleased to announce that Jodie Adams Kirshner has joined the Marron Institute as a Research Professor. Kirshner's work will focus on the path forward for Detroit in the wake of bankruptcy. Supported by funding from the Kresge Foundation, Kirshner is investigating several questions from Detroit:

  • How will the changes taking place in the city affect the people who live there? 
  • How can the city's experiences inform urban and financial policies both in Detroit as well as other American cities? 
  • How can incremental improvements be made? 
  • How can economic opportunities be made more broadly available?

Prior to joining Marron, Kirshner served as a technical advisor to the Bank for International Settlements, while also working as a visiting scholar and lecturer on international bankruptcy law at Columbia University Law School and an independent consultant for financial funds investing in distressed debt.  

Until 2014, Kirshner was a law professor at Cambridge University, where she also served as the deputy director of the Cambridge LLMprogram, the deputy director of the Cambridge Centre for Corporate and Commercial Law, and as a fellow of Peterhouse College, Cambridge.  She remains a senior research associate of the Cambridge Centre for Business Research, as well as a fellow of the Columbia Center for Law and Economics, the Salzburg Global Seminar, and the Center for Law Economics & Finance in Washington, and a term member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Kirshner received her undergraduate degree from Harvard University and graduate degrees in law and in journalism from Columbia University.  Her book on international corporate bankruptcy law will be published by the University of Chicago Press later this year.

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