Goldwyn and Levy Participate in the Eno Center

Transit Cost and Project Delivery Symposium

Director of Transportation and Land Use, Eric Goldwyn, and Fellow Alon Levy took part in the Eno Center for Transportation Transit Cost and Project Delivery Symposium. The symposium sought to discuss the findings from Eno’s transit cost and delivery report and foster conversation on project delivery among transportation professionals, researchers, and policymakers. Goldwyn and Levy participated in the webinar, “Project Delivery Affinity Group Panel”; on the United States’ unfortunate penchant for customizing transit stations leading to higher costs and less efficient systems, Goldwyn noted:

One thing you see in the states is that a lot of these stations, from BRT to subway to light rail, is that sometimes it’s about place making and community development, something much broader than just connecting two points, and moving things along as quickly as possible. Ultimately, for transit systems to be successful, you want it to be relatively frequent....What are the goals, and what are we trying to do is always the important thing to define clearly and then if the community asks for something that takes you beyond that can try and be transparent and explain the tradeoffs.

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