CitiesX: Ed Glaeser's Free Online Course

CitiesX, the free online course taught by Harvard economist and Marron faculty advisor Edward L. Glaser is now available for enrollment. A far-ranging look at the past, present and future of cities, CitiesX has the aim of teaching you how to better understand, appreciate and improve urban areas. The course explores key concepts of urban development by examining cities around the world, including London, Rio de Janiero, New York City, Shanghai, Mumbai, Kigali, and many more.

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In preparing the course, Glaeser sat down with the Marron Institute's Alain Bertaud in New York City to discuss two topics: land use regulation in Mumbai and the role of street grids in planning for the growth of urban areas. You can watch the video segments with Bertaud below.

Mumbai Building Regulations

City Growth: Extension & Grids

Tile photo by Arto Marttinen.

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