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Drug Policy and the City

Spring 2016 Course

The Marron Institute is pleased to announce a new 7-week course to be held over the second half of the Spring 2016 semester, Drug Policy and the City.

Drugs can cause harm to users and cause them to harm others, but restrictions on sale and use tend to increase the riskiness of drug use and can generate illicit markets which create violence and disorder. Good drug policy tries to steer between these two sets of risks, with the goal of minimizing the total social damage from drug abuse and drug control efforts.

Taught by Marron Professor Mark A.R. Kleiman, this course will introduce ideas about drugs, drug control, and drug-control side-effects and then illustrate techniques of policy analyses. The goal is to enable students to formulate responsible opinions on drug policy issues, to defend them with good analysis, and to understand the logic behind differing opinions. 

Registration is now open via Albert under Marron Institute --> URBMA-GQ 1401 Drug Policy and the City. Find the course syllabus below.


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