Climate Resiliency at NYC Climate Week

Climate Smart Cities in Small Island Developing States

As a part of the 2019 NYC Climate Week, the NYU Urban Expansion Program will host an event on September 25th at New York University intended to share learned experiences and facilitate dialogue regarding the Marron Institute's climate resiliency project with the Green Climate Fund (GCF).

This project develops a comprehensive readiness program to increase the climate resilience of urban and peri-urban areas on the Caribbean island nation of Grenada. The Marron Institute is focusing on how Small Island Developing States (SIDS) can prepare for climate change effects such as sea-level rise, more frequent coastal flooding events, increased frequency and intensity of hurricanes, while at the same time addressing issues of climate mitigation, urban expansion and sustainable development more broadly. Results from this work demonstrate the process of co-producing plans for urban development and climate resilience between experts and local stakeholders. This work contributes valuable knowledge to different strategies that SIDS can utilize to deal with the risks of climate change and the demands of development.

This event is a three-hour panel where experts will discuss key problems and conclusions derived from their experiences working in Grenada. There will be four main topics for the panel: Urban Expansion, Grey and Green Resilience Infrastructure, Communities and Livelihoods, and Knowledge and Governance. An expert in Climate-Smart Cities will host the panel and facilitate discussion between the panelists and audience.


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