BetaGov Helps Canadian Policing Practitioners

with Evidence-Based Policing Research


At CrimeCon, an academic criminology and criminal justice conference sponsored by the nonprofit Criminology Consortium, the session “Canadian Evidence-Based Policing Practitioners” presented five projects. Litmus’ BetaGov initiative assisted with three of the projects on study design and data analysis, and the presenters were part of LEADS Scholars Canada, a program sponsored by the National Institute of Justice, a current BetaGov funder.

  • The Impact of COVID-19 on the Prevalence of Intimate Partner Violence in Three Canadian Jurisdictions (minute 3:55)
  • Developing a Footwear Database: Solving Crime Using Shoeprints in the West Vancouver Police (minute 27:00)
  • Collaborate Barrie: An Evaluation of the Effect of the Multi Service Situation Table to Address Those in Acute Elevated Risk (minute 45:08)

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