A New Podcast with Alain and Marie-Agnes Bertaud

Senior Research Scholar Alain Bertaud and Visiting Scholar Marie-Agnes Bertaud are the focus of a new podcast by Devon Zuegel. On her website, Zuegel writes:

I'm starting a new podcast called Order Without Design with the most interesting couple I know: Alain & Marie-Agnes Bertaud.

This project is an extension of their book, Order Without Design: How Markets Shape Cities. With its focus on economic theory, you might not realize that this book is the product of the adventurous life these two have shared together. This podcast series is my excuse to hear and share those stories.

Join the three of us on a journey to the Bertauds' past lives in Bangkok, NYC, San Salvador, Algiers, and beyond! We'll explore the incredible stories that informed the theories in the book.

Many of the themes in Bertaud's book were also discussed on Mark Lutter's Charter Cities podcast, “Episode 3: Alain Bertaud on cities as labor markets, which ancient civilization built the best city, and who was better, Robert Moses or Jane Jacobs.”

Listen to "Order Without Design"

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