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Visualizing the Challenges Facing Global Cities

Linda Poon, a reporter for City Lab, reports on the variety of ways data and mapping tools intersected at the Habitat III conference to create stunning visualizations of some of the toughest challenges facing global cities today. These mapping and visualization tools allow people to "analyze and visualize data without having to be a software developer or statistician.”

And one way to present evidence is through simple, but effective data visualization projects. Earlier this week, many Habitat III attendees got their first look at The Atlas of Urban Expansion, a new online tool that can help monitor progress and identify trends in the implementation of the New Urban Agenda. Created by researchers at New York University, UN-Habitat, and the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, the atlas uses historical maps and satellite imagery to illustrate urban sprawl in 200 global cities. It shows how each city physically expands in relation to its population growth.

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