The Subway and COVID-19

+ Alon Levy

Writing in New York Daily News, Marron Fellow Alon Levy examines the evidence on the spread of COVID-19 on public transit in their piece, “Stop Blaming the Subways: The Best Evidence Suggests Public Transit Was Not Responsible for the Coronavirus’ Spread.” They conclude that the subway is not the cause of high levels of COVID-19 and write:

So what does all this mean for would-be straphangers? For now, New Yorkers should stay at home whenever they can, and wear a mask if they go out. But New Yorkers who have to travel to an essential work or purchase should not avoid public transportation. Buying a car now will not protect anyone from the virus, and neither will avoiding public transportation.

Levy’s views on this topic were also mentioned in a CityLab piece, “The New York Subway Got Caught in the Coronavirus Culture War” and in a City Observatory post, “Is Covid-19 the End of Cities? (Spoiler: No.)

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