Solly Angel’s Online Course Profiled by NYU News

In “Online Course Informs Urban Planners in the Global South, Where Cities Are Densifying and Expanding Rapidly” NYU News’ Rob Polner speaks to Director of Urban Expansion, Solly Angel, about his online course, “Accommodating Urban Growth:”

Gabiley, in Somaliland, is a small secondary city (2019 population: 31,000) that is growing and expanding rapidly. Like thousands of other cities in the Global South, it has no planning professionals, no planning data, and no resources for contracting planning consultants to prepare for accommodating its expected growth. The course materials, then, helped fill the gaps for its mayor, Mahamed-Amin Omar Abdi. After completing them, he said that “we not only have a long-term urban expansion plan for our city, but we also know how to do it by ourselves. And this is exactly what we need,” according to Angel.

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