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Progress on Self-Driving Cars

+ Brandon Fuller

At a recent demonstration of Google's driverless car technology in Mountain View, the press spoke with several experts including Alain Bertaud, a Senior Scholar at one of Marron's NYU partners, the NYU Stern Urbanization Project. Bertaud feels that the traditional modes of urban transport—public transit and individual vehicles—suffer from major inefficiencies, particularly the inability to adapt to changing trip patterns in the modern metropolis. He sees potential for driverless cars to complement mass transit in ways that improve urban mobility. From a New York Times piece on Google's latest driverless car demonstration:

“Our transport system now is a major hindrance to the people who live in the cities,” Mr. Bertaud said. He envisions that autonomous vehicles initially will be integrated with mass transit transportation, carrying people back and forth from their starting locations to centralized transit hubs.

Read the full piece here.

Alain Bertaud takes a ride in Google's driverless car.
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