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Colombia Unveils New Land Ordinance Plans

Paul Romer, the Director of the Marron Institute, spoke at the recent unveiling of Colombia's new Land Ordinance Plans.

The new land management plans will allow 100 municipalities and 25 departments to improve their roads, parks, homes and public spaces, leading to more green space and connectivity. With new models of urban and rural development, National Planning seeks to address the major challenges currently facing the Colombian territory in terms of urbanization, road systems, public transport, disaster relief planning, climate change, protection of natural resources, and other aspects necessary for achieving a high quality of life and sustainable cities that best serve their inhabitants.

Romer commented on the plans as Colombia's opportunity to show the world how to build new homes for displaced populations, thus reducing inequality.

“Con estos instrumentos se crean oportunidades en las ciudades medianas para que más personas trabajen juntas y obtengan los beneficios que la economía moderna puede ofrecer”, dijo el experto.

"These instruments create opportunities in medium-sized cities that allow more people to work together and reap the benefits that the modern economy can offer," said the expert.

The new land management strategies, which will be key to defining processes of public and private investment, will be applied in three metropolitan areas: Valle de Aburrá, Bucaramanga and Valledupar. 

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