New York City / Tuesday Feb 16,2016
12:15 pm - 1:15 pm

Zachary Tumin: Smart Power Policing

NYU Urban Seminar

Vanderbilt Hall Room 208 40 Washington Square South

Thank you Zachary Tumin for leading this NYU Urban Seminar, titled “Smart Power Policing:  Police-Citizen Engagement in the Social Age”.

Ours has been called the “age of context” – technology and platforms now making possible seeing, hearing, sensing people, places, and things as never before, and seeing their relationships. As always, success in the marketplace, the battlespace, or the political race depends on conversion – turning context to awareness, insight, and action. Today, policing is recalibrating from an era dominated by “hard power” where stop and frisk ran amok to an era of “smart power” where greater insight to context, given by applications from social media to Shotspotter, permit precision solutions as never before.  This talk explored the principle opportunities of context today for police and policing, and the particular challenges of conversion to outcomes of value for citizens and cops alike.

For the Furman Center's summary of the event, click here.

The NYU Urban Seminar is co-hosted by the Marron Institute and the Furman Center.


Zachary Tumin
Deputy Commissioner for Strategic Initiatives / NYPD

Zach Tumin is Deputy Commissioner for Strategic Initiatives at NYPD, serving on Police Commissioner Bill Bratton’s executive staff. Zach leads the NYPD's internal innovation group, chartered to stand-up new units and operations. There, he has been responsible for establishing the NYPD's social media and digital engagement platforms. A veteran practitioner, as well as researcher and teacher at Harvard Kennedy School and now Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs, Zach has advised governments and business leaders around the world on innovation design, rollout, and management.