/ Thursday Mar 14,2019
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

The New Zealand housing crisis

An overview of outcomes, underlying causes and policy development

New Zealand has experienced a period of significant and rapid urban growth. This has led to deteriorating housing outcomes, with house prices in Auckland (New Zealand's largest city) among the least affordable in the world. After years of piecemeal changes to land use planning and environmental management legislation, political parties from across the spectrum, industry groups, and environmental organizations, are all calling for fundamental reform. This seminar will provide an overview of New Zealand's housing outcomes, analysis of the underlying causes of New Zealand's housing problems, a snapshot of recent significant land use policy initiatives, and an overview of the government's current Urban Growth Agenda, including work on major land use planning and environmental management reform.

This event is open to NYU faculty, research staff, and graduate students. To RSVP please email nicole.eason@nyu.edu.


Joe Beaglehole
Harkness Fellow / Marron Institute

Joe Beaglehole is a Senior Policy Analyst at the New Zealand Ministry for the Environment. He is currently based at the Marron Institute on a Harkness Fellowship, where he is researching tools and institutions to better accommodate rapid urban growth. Joe was recently the Private Secretary to the New Zealand Minister for the Environment. Previous positions include policy roles at the New Zealand Treasury and the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. As a Fulbright scholar, Joe completed a Master’s degree at New York University in political economy in the Department of Politics in 2011.