New York City / Thursday Nov 15,2018
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

The New Metropolitan Scale

with Pedro B. Ortiz

Kimmel Center 60 Washington Square South Room 905 New York, NY 10012

Many cities in low and middle income countries are growing very quickly, some are seeing population growth rates of greater than 5% per year. An urban population that grows at 5% per year will double in size every 14 years. Today, the world is home to roughly 500 urban areas with more than 1 million inhabitants. The size of cities matters.

Many cities are growing together into larger agglomerations that integrate many different jurisdictions. Such agglomerations are called metropolises. Because a metropolis involves many overlapping jurisdictions, it functions very differently from a stand-alone city. The metropolis is a new scale of design for urban professionals. This talk will describe and discuss the unique challenges of governing, designing, planning, and managing the modern metropolis.



Provide insights on the new field of metropolitan planning and management for urban studies students.

Examine architecture, urban design, and urban planning at the scale of the metropolis

Describe the integration of urban planning with disciplines as economics, sociology, and governance at the scale of the metropolis

Discuss processes affecting metropolises all around the world, and how urban professionals can develop a global practice responding to these phenomena.


Pedro B. Ortiz
Senior Fellow / Marron Institute

Pedro Ortiz is a Senior Fellow at the Marron Institute of Urban Management. He is also a Senior Consultant of Metropolitan Management and Planning for IGO's (International Governmental Organizations) such as the United Nations, European Union, UN-Habitat, World Bank, InterAmerican Development Bank, and others. He also consults for national and local governments directly, and through consultancy firms. Ortiz was also a Senior Urban Specialist at the World Bank. 

From 1989 to 1992, Ortiz was the elected Mayor of Madrid’s Central District (Distrito de Salamanca). Additionally, he was a member of Madrid’s City Council (1987-1995), where he was responsible for Urban Prospective (1993-1995) and Culture (1991-1993). He served as Director of the “Strategic Plan for Madrid” (1991-1994), and was the Director General for Town and Regional Planning for the Government of Madrid Region. He also authored the "Regional Development Plan of Madrid of 1996" and the "Land Planning Law of 1997." 

Ortiz is currently a Fellow at George Mason University - Shar Institute. He was previously a Visiting Professor at Milano Politecnico, and the Director of the Masters program of Town Planning at the University King Juan Carlos of Madrid.