New York / Wednesday Dec 12,2018
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Gentrification in NYC: A History (and Pre-History)

Marron Institute of Urban Management 60 Fifth Avenue, Second Floor New York, NY 10011

Many stories of gentrification in New York start around the time when the author moved to the city. But to truly understand the forces remaking the city and many others like it, it helps to go way back to 1916, the year America enacted its first zoning code. Examining, from that time on, the boom/bust gyrations that New York City’s activists, planners, and officials were trying to tame—from early 20th century fiscal authorities to Jane Jacobs herself—sheds significant light on the historical forces behind gentrification.

Stephen Smith, urbanist and co-founder of Quantierra, will present and lead the discussion.

Due to space constraints, this talk is limited to the NYU community. Faculty, research staff, and students interested in attending can email


Stephen Smith
Co-Founder / Quantierra

Stephen Smith is the cofounder of a real estate tech start-up called Quantierra. He is a former reporter and a contributor to His work has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, Reason Magazine, and Next City. He is currently working on a book about the history of decline and gentrification in New York City.