Urban Transportation Revolutions with Eric Goldwyn

Next Fall, Dr. Eric Goldwyn will offer a course examining the role of transportation technology and policy on the changing shape of cities. With each new mode, from streetcars to private automobiles, cities have undergone a dramatic reordering by enabling people to access new swaths of undeveloped land on the periphery and fill in vacant sites in existing cities. By tracing these transportation revolutions, one can see new settlement patterns and behaviors emerge. The course will draw on classical urban texts from a diverse group of historians, architects, economists, urban planners, geographers, anthropologists and others to understand how transportation networks and policies shape urban form and everyday life. Goldwyn's course will be offered through the Politics Department in the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. It is open to graduate students and, with permission of the instructor, Juniors and Seniors from across campus.

Registration for the course is now open — go to Albert > GraduateSchool of Arts and Sciences > Politics (POL-GA) > POL-GA 2337.

NYU students with questions about this course should feel free to reach out to the Institute at marron.institute@nyu.edu.

Draft Syllabus

Day and Time 
Thursdays from 4:00 - 6:00pm

Politics Department Seminar Room
19 West 4th Street, Room 217
(West 4th St between Greene & Mercer)

POL-GA 2337 Urban Transportation Revolutions

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