Transit Costs Project Draws Attention in New York


Recent reports from the Transit Costs Project, led by Director of Transportation and Land Use, Eric Goldwyn, continue to inform the New York City press:

  • New York Post: In “MTA Wasting Millions in Second Ave. Subway Extension, Post Probe Finds,” Post investigative journalists credit the Transit Costs Project team: “The Post’s investigation builds on work [of] Goldwyn’s team at NYU, which detailed how excessive designs compound construction cost disadvantages the MTA already faces from union work rules and local limits on blasting and hauling.”
  • New York Daily News: In “East Slide Access: How to Waste 10 Years and Billions of Dollars,” the Daily News editorial board argues: “We must learn from NYU’s new comprehensive study on transit costs five years in the making that examines low costs in Scandinavia, medium costs in Italy, high costs in the U.S and the highest costs in New York City.”

The team is also widely cited on how the Biden administration’s funding for transportation projects is providing less value than expected, given continually rising project costs. Gothamist and the New York Daily News discussed the next leg of the Second Avenue subway, and the San Jose Mercury News discussed the BART extension through San Jose.

And Goldwyn summarized their studies on WNYC’s The Brian Lehrer Show:

I think the bigger issue is that we haven’t been building in New York, certainly, in a really long time. We lost the expertise and capacity at our internal agency.

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