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Shikha Dalmia on Cities and Immigration

+ Brandon Fuller

Shikha Dalmia sees the efforts to attract immigrants in Baltimore, Dayton, and other American cities as a breath of fresh air. But she also has a sobering reminder for mayors in struggling cities: pro-immigration policies are no panacea. Efforts to attract immigrants won’t come to much if they’re not accompanied by economic reforms and improved governance.

The newcomers are very good at finding and seizing openings in an economy that the native-born residents don’t see or don’t want. This is one reason cities should remove the barriers keeping immigrants away. But first these opportunities have to exist…So what should Detroit, Baltimore and other struggling cities do to become more attractive to immigrants? Offer them a decent quality of life at an affordable price. This means improving schools, tackling crime, creating an entrepreneur- friendly climate and keeping taxes reasonable.

Read Dalmia’s piece in its entirety at Bloomberg View.

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