Senior Fellow Alain Bertaud Honored

at Vancouver Public Salon

On September 20, Senior Fellow Alain Bertaud was honored by “Sam Sullivan’s Public Salon,” a program of the Vancouver-based nonprofit, Global Civic Policy Society. The event was the culmination of five urban webinar lunches, during which Bertaud’s ideas were discussed. Bertaud has long extolled the need for academics and urban-planning practitioners to directly engage with each other. The Public Institute of British Columbia, British Columbia Society of Landscape Architects, and Architectural Institute of British Columbia encouraged their members participate, underscoring how broadly Bertaud’s ideas are valued. In spring 2022, he and Fellow Marie-Agnes Bertaud will participate in a series of in-person gatherings and workshops. In his introductory remarks, host Sam Sullivan said:

When they arrive next spring we will present ideas for metro Vancouver inspired by Alain’s book, Order Without Design.

In Bertaud’s opening remarks, he discussed housing affordability and showed Vancouver’s income-distribution curve, noting:

We have to look at every one of these little bars and ask ourselves, “where can they find a house and how far is it from their job?” If it is more than one hour, we have a big, big problem. And we should try as planners to design a transport system which serves the land use so that everybody in this income curve has access to their job within less than one hour.

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