Report to Seattle-Area Sound Transit

Catalyzes Project Delivery Restructuring


Director of Transportation and Land Use, Eric Goldwyn, serves on Seattle-area Sound Transit’s Technical Advisory Group, which has released Report to the Sound Transit Board: Improving the Speed of Project Delivery, to support restructuring project delivery and help the agency develop policies and norms to meet its ambitious capital-expansion goals:

Delays, scope changes, and cost uncertainty have hampered Sound Transit (ST) 2 projects under construction and have already disrupted ST 3 projects still in the project development phase. When ST3 was approved, it promised to quintuple the existing light rail network, making it larger and more expansive than the still yet to be completed ST2. This report presents recommendations that will allow ST to scale up the agency’s capabilities, revamp its internal processes, and take control of its capital program.

The Technical Advisory Group (TAG) was convened by the Board of Directors during the agency’s realignment process to expedite capital program delivery and learn how other agencies across the country and globe have delivered similarly scaled transit systems.

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