Reducing Cannabis Use Disorder

Mark Kleiman on the Idea of User-Set Quotas

In a piece for The Big Idea series at, Mark Kleiman explores the potential fo user-set quotas to reduce cannabis use disorder as commercial legalization proceeds apace in a number of American states:

Marijuana policy is heading inexorably toward the model we use for alcohol — weakly regulated commercialized legalization, with taxes that are too low. That’s been a public-health disaster in the case of alcohol. Cannabis isn’t as dangerous, but there’s still no good reason to repeat that mistake. Taxes should be higher and marketing restrictions tighter; there’s even a case for keeping commercial enterprises out of the industry altogether and restricting sales to consumer-owned co-ops.

But here’s a more outside-the-box idea, designed to help people exercise self-restraint about how much cannabis they use and how often: a system of user-set monthly purchase limits.

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Tile photo by JOSHUA COLEMAN.

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