Planet of Cities with Shlomo Angel

How can rapidly growing cities in less developed countries ensure that their growth is productive, inclusive, sustainable, and resilient? Next Fall, Shlomo Angel — Professor of City Planning at the Marron Institute and Director of the NYU Urban Expansion program — will lead a course that addresses this and other critical questions surrounding global urbanization. Angel’s course will be offered the Politics Department in the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences but it is open to graduate students and, with permission from the instructor, Juniors and Seniors from across campus.

The aim of this course is to provide students with an international perspective on urbanization and to introduce them to the history, the theory, the evidence, and the practical tools necessary to formulate and put into practice effective policies that can respond to rapid urbanization in a realistic and pragmatic manner. Assignments will focus on six short essays reporting on policy-relevant results obtained from analyzing global data sets in Excel with a view to publishing them as blogs by the end of the term. Basic familiarity with Excel is therefore mandatory for the course.

Registration for the course is now open — go to Albert > GraduateSchool of Arts and Sciences > Politics (POL-GA) > POL-GA 2566.

NYU students with questions about this course should feel free to reach out to the Institute at

Draft Syllabus

Day and Time
Tuesdays from 6:20 - 8:20PM

Politics Department Seminar Room
19 West 4th Street, Room 217
(West 4th St between Greene & Mercer)

POL-GA 2566 Planet of Cities: Evidence-Based Policy Responses to Global Urbanization

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