Topics in Urban Management: Student Papers

+ Kevin Cromar

We are pleased to recognize Kelly Clifford, Muhammad Daud, and Katarina Hall for writing exceptional papers in "Topics in Urban Management (POL-GA 2334)" — a class offered by the Marron Institute and NYU's Wilf Family Department of Politics during the Fall semester of 2017. Faculty and researchers affiliated with the Marron Institute taught lectures on a range of topics including: urban growth, transportation, housing affordability, drug and crime policy, and municipal finance.  We are posting the students' papers on our website to acknowledge their accomplishment and to demonstrate a small part of the diversity and depth of issues facing today's civic leaders.  We look forward to continuing to engage with students on these and similar topics both in the classroom and as part of our ongoing research at the Marron Institute. 

Challenges of Urban Traffic Management: The Need to Suspend Prohibitions on Motorcycles 

by Muhammad Daud


"As urbanization is happening more rapidly in developing cities where resources are limited, traffic management demands innovative solutions." 

Muhammad's Paper

Population and Housing Effects of Downzoning in Boulder, CO: A Case Study

By Kelly Clifford


"A limited amount of space, given the natural boundaries of the mountains in Boulder, necessitates a value judgment of how to find a balance between impeding overcrowding and allowing the city to naturally grow with its industries and labor market."

Kelly's Paper

Gated Communities or Open Communities? Guatemala City's Bottom-Up Approach to Insecurity

By Katarina Hall


"Guatemala was once a walkable city—there is no reason why it couldn’t be again."

Katarina's Paper

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