NYU FloodNet Project Releases Dashboard

to Alert Users to Street-Level Flooding


The FloodNet project, which received seed financial support from NYU Marron, has released a new data dashboard drawing information from 29 sensors that report street-level flooding in New York City and “gives government, responders, the public, and researchers real-time information on rising waters.” The research team will work with the city to install 500 over the next five years:

This is the first time that quantitative data on urban flood occurrence, depth, and duration have been measured and provided to the public—we’re excited to share the dashboard with communities, city agency partners, and other researchers,” said [Andrea] Silverman, an assistant professor of Environmental Engineering [at NYU Tandon]. “We’ve heard many stories and desired use cases for the data from a variety of stakeholders, and we are looking forward to seeing how these communities end up using the real-time and historic flood data.

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