Mark Kleiman’s Work Addresses Today’s Challenges

The ideas and work of the late Marron faculty member, Mark Kleiman, continue to remain relevant:

  • Washington Post: On policing: “Both cases, and too many more we could all name, are a symptom of what the late criminologist Mark Kleiman called the ‘randomized draconianism’ of a criminal justice system that simultaneously under- and over-polices its citizens.”
  • Washington Monthly: On swift, certain, and fair: “Finding an intermediate route for responding to violations is one of the central goals of the ‘swift, certain, and fair’ approaches to community supervision that were described in this magazine in 2013 by the late Mark Kleiman. Such systems combine frequent testing for drug use with transparent, pre-specified, and modest consequences.”
  • Brookings: On enforcement strategies for fentanyl and other synthetic opioids: “Yet today, a more important goal may be to reduce the toxicity of the supply and thus the number of drug overdoses. This paper applies the insights of the ‘focused deterrence’ approach developed by David Kennedy and Mark Kleiman, which involves using multiple levers to attain a specific policy goal.”
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