Kevin Cromar Receives NASA Funding

to Work with Air Quality Agencies in Low- and Middle-Income Countries


Director of Air Quality, Kevin Cromar, has received new research funding from NASA to help integrate air-quality and health-research data resources into the standard operating procedures of air-quality agencies in low- and middle-income countries. This project builds on previous funded work to develop and disseminate a health-based air-quality index for risk communication in cities around the world and is expected to provide new tools that improve air-quality management at the local level. The pilot project will start with stakeholders representing air-quality agencies primarily in Latin America (León-Salamanca-Celaya, Guadalajara, and Monterrey, Mexico; Bogotá, Colombia; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Quito, Ecuador; and Kigali, Rwanda) and will be scaled to more locations throughout the three-year performance period. Cromar is collaborating on this project with colleagues at Goddard Space Flight Center Global Modeling and Assimilation Office and Applied Remote Sensing Training Program as well as partners at World Resources Institute and UNICEF.

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