Eric Goldwyn Participates

In High Speed Rail 2023 Conference


Director of Transportation and Land Use, Eric Goldwyn, participated in High Speed Rail 2023 in Washington, DC. Speakers included Rep. Nancy Pelosi; Coordinator for the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, Mitch Landrieu; former Transportation Secretary, Ray LaHood; Administrator of the Federal Railroad Administration, Amit Bose; Rep. Ro Khanna; and Rep. Seth Moulton; as well as rail-industry leaders. Goldwyn participated in the panel, Accelerating Project Delivery; in his opening remarks, he mentioned that the primary factors of transit infrastructure costs are physical structures, labor, procurement, and soft costs. Later answering a question about the process and cost of permitting, Goldwyn said:

The permitting piece that I’m most interested in is the inter-local permitting piece. Your DOTs need to give you a permit to shutdown and do construction on the street. You need to get city of XYZ to give you a permit to build a station because they’ve never had a station before, so how do you get a certificate of occupancy? I think that is the area that is ripest for standardization and looking more closely at.

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