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China's Cluster Cities

Urbanization at a Different Scale

Alain Bertaud, Urbanist and Senior Research Scholar at NYU Marron Institute, was the keynote speaker at Columbia University's Fourth China Urban Forum on October 7th, 2017. The forum included "discussion of major topics currently in Chinese planning industry, such as New Town Development, Urban Renewal and Management, Civic Participation, Environmental Protection and Smart City, etc."

With the continuous progress of urbanization in China, economic development as the main planning purpose has been inconsistent with the needs of the contemporary society. The emergence of new urbanization plan requires Chinese cities to move forward in a more people-oriented way that is intelligent, efficient and sustainable. With such socially integrative approaches, what will the new role of urban planning be, and what does the future hold for urban cities?

Professor Bertaud's talk was titled "China's Cluster Cities: Urbanization at a Different Scale". To view the slide deck, click here. 

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