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Angel and Lamson-Hall Receive NSF Award

to Address Density, Mobility, and Affordability Reforms in Newark, NJ


Director of Urban Expansion, Solly Angel, and Research Scholar Patrick Lamson-Hall were awarded funding for their pilot project submitted to the National Science Foundation Civic Innovation Challenge (NSF CIVIC). NSF CIVIC is a research and action competition in the Smart and Connected Communities (S&CC) domain designed to build a more cohesive research-to-innovation pipeline and foster a collaborative spirit. Angel and Lamson-Hall’s project, “Building Neighborhood Density, Mobility, and Affordability Through Regulatory Reform: An Action Plan for Newark, NJ,” is a collaboration among the NYU Marron Institute, City of Newark Department of Economic & Housing Development, and local Newark community groups to better understand and address the roots of the housing crisis in Newark. This project generates needed data about housing affordability, density and transit access and empowers the community to translate these data into policy recommendations aimed at increasing the supply of affordable housing in areas adjacent to transit. The goal of the project is to support the City of Newark in creating their new master plan, Newark 2030, and to help the city address surging demand for housing and transit without displacing existing residents. The project will demonstrate the impact of a new methodology, the “Anatomy of Density,” in making room for new urban residents through effective densification, a vital planning goal if cities are to become more equitable, sustainable, and productive.

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