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Fellow Alon Levy Discusses Public Transportation Costs


Fellow Alon Levy was interviewed on Jon Lovett’s Lovett or Leave It podcast, beginning at 1:03:20. The two discussed the multi-trillion dollar infrastructure plan and transportation-infrastructure costs.

Levy: In the United States, it’s very clearly true that the public sector is less efficient, the private sector is more efficient. The problem is privatization is a government program. If you can’t do government programs, you can’t privatize....There is reticence to fund the head office correctly. It gets to the point that at the head office, public workers are underpaid relative to market wages....

Lovett: So, what you are saying, is okay, you want a private company to bid and build something. But if you are going to do that, then you need to measure twice, cut once. Invest in the people—have talented, smart, proactive leaders in the government who are rewarded for being creative, being innovative, figuring out, problem solving to oversee the projects from inside the government. And we don’t have that.

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