Air Quality Climate Change Updates


Director of Air Quality, Kevin Cromar, and Lauren Cromar recently published a chapter in the 2nd edition of Climate Change and Public Health. The chapter on “Dengue Fever and Climate Change” presents the latest evidence for the impacts of a changing climate on this increasingly important mosquito-borne disease, including increased risk of transmission, modified disease severity, and impacts on societal factors that contribute to its spread.

Kevin Cromar is also the organizing chair of an effort funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Centers for Disease Control, and National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences to convene a technical workshop to improve how health impacts are incorporated into economic models of climate change. The workshop will be held virtually in May 2021 with an international panel of academic researchers and government staff with expertise in health, economics, and climate policy. The workshop is in line with an executive order by President Biden that calls for improved accounting for the benefits of reducing climate pollution, including capturing the full costs of greenhouse-gas emissions for a range of outcomes including impacts on human health.

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