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Improving air quality in mexico city

Measuring the source and content of urban air pollution

Marron is collaborating with Mexico City´s Department of Environment (SEDEMA) to improve urban air quality. Led by Kevin Cromar, assistant professor in NYU’s Department of Environmental Medicine, Marron is measuring concentrations of trace elements in air quality filters provided by the city. The analysis will inform policy recommendations for improving the air Mexico City while furthering the methodology for air quality assessment in cities around the globe. (Image via Kasper Christensen)

Improving Housing affordability in mexico city

Understanding the impact of land use regulations on the affordability of housing

The Marron Institute is working with officials from Mexico City’s Urban Planning and Housing Department (SEDUVI) to make housing more affordable for the city’s residents. The Marron team estimated the impacts of the city’s zoning parameters on the affordability of housing. As a result of the Marron Institute’s work, SEDUVI revised zoning legislation in an effort to increase the supply of housing and put downward pressure on prices and rents.

Options for Fiscal Viability in Detroit

Defining reforms that can put Detroit back on the path to fiscal health.

In Detroit, the Marron Institute worked with the Office of the Emergency Manager to explore options for restoring long term fiscal stability. The Marron team, led by NYU Law School Professor Clayton Gillette, is evaluating Detroit’s options for improving fiscal stability and enhancing public-service efficiency in the post-bankruptcy environment. (Image via Ben Williams)


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