Graduated Reintegration

The Crime and Justice Program, through funding via Unorthodox Philanthropy, is developing a pilot program to build a prisoner reentry facility without the facility. Halfway houses, pre-release centers, and work-release programs have all attempted to address the challenge of prisoner reentry, but can make only a modest contribution due to the budgetary, land-use, and political barriers associated with expanding brick-and-mortar re-entry facilities. Graduated Reintegration will implement an innovative and scalable alternative to incarceration by placing prisoners or pre-trial detainees in scattered site apartments that offer a graduated and incremental pathway to reentry. Freedoms will be gradually introduced as an incentive for sustained compliance and reward for specific accomplishments. Graduated Reintegration will enable residents to successfully transition through “baby steps” from a prisoner to a free person with a job, apartment, savings, and an experience of success in playing by the rules.

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/ Mar 18,2015

Reducing Incarceration Rates: Graduated Re-Entry

by Brandon Fuller
more on: public safety