Swift Certain Fair Resource Center

With funding from the Bureau of Justice Assistance, the Swift Certain Fair Resource Center works with state, local, territorial, and tribal agencies to implement and test new policies and practices in community corrections.

Individuals under community supervision must comply with a variety of rules. Motivating compliance with the conditions of community supervision is a central challenge for the criminal justice system. and conventional responses have struggled to suppress recidivism. Swift Certain Fair (SCF) is an approach born of efforts to improve on the status quo. Based on both enduring and contemporary ideas in jurisprudence, SCF emphasizes swift, consistent, and modest responses to technical violations, as well as positive incentives for compliance. SCF is flexible—its implementation varies by jurisdiction and it does not replace existing, successful supervision practices.

The SCF Center provides resources along with free training and technical assistance that are customized to the recipient’s interests and circumstances. The center supports the adoption and evaluation of innovative supervision practices. We engage those under supervision, and criminal justice professionals in a process we call “deliberative corrections,” soliciting their views on the issues that are most salient to them and on what practices, programs, or processes they would like to see introduced and tested.