Environmental Policy

Spring 2019 Course from Professor Kevin Cromar

Environmental policy is undergoing a rapid transformation in the United States, not only in the scope and application of specific rules, but also in the overall mission and procedures of participating agencies. In this class students will become familiar with current issues in environmental policy and will have an opportunity to actively participate in the policy process. Effective participation in the policy process requires an in-depth understanding of the relevant administrative laws, scientific research, and economic analyses that are intended to support these public decisions, all of which will be covered in lectures and class discussion. Much of the class will focus on environmental policies that fall under the jurisdiction of the U.S. EPA but will also include policies under the jurisdiction of other federal, state, and international agencies.

Instructor: Dr. Kevin Cromar is the director of the Air Quality Program at the Marron Institute of Urban Management and an associate professor of environmental medicine and population health at NYU School of Medicine.  He is currently the vice-chair of the Environmental Health Policy Committee of the American Thoracic Society and serves on the Utah Air Quality Board. He leads an active research program and is involved in the development, evaluation, and promulgation of environmental policies through his involvement with science advisory committees, advocacy organizations, and rulemaking bodies.

Registration for the course is now open on Albert > Graduate School of Arts and Sciences > Politics (POL-GA) > POL-GA 2334 > Section 1 > Topics in Urban Management: Environmental Policy.

This course is open to students from across the NYU campus. NYU students with questions about this course should feel free to reach out to the Marron Institute at marron.institute@nyu.edu.

Draft Syllabus: Environmental Policy

Section 1 of POL-GA 2334, Topics in Urban Management: Environmental Policy

Albert Class Number

Day and Time
Wednesdays from 12:00 - 1:50PM

Politics Department Seminar Room
19 West 4th Street, Room 217
(West 4th St between Greene & Mercer)

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