New York City / Tuesday Sep 15,2015
12:15 pm - 1:45 pm

King on Spatial Aspects of Transportation Policy

NYU Urban Seminar

Vanderbilt Hall
Room 208
40 Washington Square South

Thanks to Columbia University Professor David King, who recently presented his work on classifying modes of transportation into two categories -- spatial and aspatial -- as a framework for discussing policy implications for urban planning. 

To read a detailed summary of the event, click here.

Tile image courtesy of Chrissie.


David King
David King
Assistant Professor of Urban Planning / Columbia University

David King is an Assistant Professor of Urban Planning. His research explores the impact of local transportation planning on the built environment, public finance and accessibility. As part of this research he has written about the phenomenon of cruising for parking and used spatial regression techniques to analyze travel behavior. He also studies how public policy influences the adoption of new technologies to address congestion, energy and environmental concerns. These issues are the focus of Professor King’s teaching through his courses covering planning techniques and methods, transportation and land use planning and transport policy.